Congrats to our new 2024 CLAS Staff Council representatives!

Our newly elected officials term will begin  June 1, 2024 and end May 31, 2027.

  • Results
    • Group 1: Adam Skibbe
    • Group 2: Shonda Monette
    • Group 5: Sara Romig-Martin


CLAS Staff Council would also like to thank all those who voted in this election.  Our winners of the gift card drawing are: 

  • Norah Wolfe
  • Chris Oehler


Again, thank you to all who participated in this election, whether it be seeking a position or voting!

Group 1 (Academic Support, Libraries, and Information Technology)


Adam Skibbe

Candidate Statement
Group I

Hello, my name is Adam Skibbe and I’m running for (re)election to the CLAS Staff Council.  My current position within the college is as the “Senior GIS Administrator”, a fancy way of saying that I work with geospatial data and maps, in a variety of roles (including: IT/technical support, research, and teaching).  I have had the good fortune of working for my alma mater (U of Iowa class of 2002!), and CLAS, for the last ten years in this capacity.  I find that my history with the university as well as my various roles provides me a unique perspective on both the workings of the college, but also the needs of the staff who help to keep it running.  My primary area of focus within the council is the growth of community among CLAS staff. Whether it be from better communication on important topics, to having opportunities to engage with others, or just understanding how each of us better fits into the bigger story.  Thank you for your consideration.

Group 2 (Administration)


Shonda Monette

Candidate Statement
Group II

I am the Department Administrator for Chemistry officially since Jan 2022.  I have called CLAS/Chemistry my work home since a grad student in 1999 and have worn many hats...researcher, TA, staff (coordinator to admin), supervisor, adjunct, ambassador, recruiter, facilitator, MC, event coordinator...because I love people and I'm invested in seeing CLAS thrive (the end goal).  The staff is what holds the college (and the UI) together, yet we're being pulled apart at the seams.  I encourage folks to invest in the end goal.  Let them see the fun, the good, the progress, the work that has gone into it and most importantly, the work that has to be done.   Find your passion and purpose in the work and have fun while doing it.  We're on a path forward and I would love to see us continue to move forward together.

Group 5 (Research and Health Care)


Sara Romig-Martin

Candidate Statement
Group V

I'm Sara Romig-Martin, a research assistant in the Psychological and Brain Sciences Department, contributing to research at the University and VA Medical Center since 2002, with a specific focus in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences since 2011.

Throughout my tenure, I've witnessed both positive and challenging changes at the University. One significant challenge I see is the limited involvement and input of staff in College decisions and policies that directly impact us. Research staff, in particular, have been historically underrepresented in key roles.

I believe it's crucial to address this disparity and ensure that our voices are heard. I am eager to serve as your representative, advocating for increased representation and fostering a more inclusive environment.

Thank you for your consideration.