Current Members Terms

Term ends 2025: Allison Rockwell (Group 2), Adam Skibbe (Group 1), Mallory Hellman (Group 3), Leyre Castro (Group 5)

Term ends 2024: Rebekah Podolefsky (Group 2), George Crull (Group 5), Sylvia Gomez (At Large)

Term ends 2023:  Jen Knights (At Large), Sandy Mast (Group 4), Mark Fullenkamp (Group 1)


Nomination and Election Processes

In early February, CLAS staff nominate candidates to serve on the CLAS Staff Council. 

The CLAS Staff Council shall have eleven members elected from and by the CLAS staff from the Voting Groups. Two members shall represent Voting Group I, two members shall represent Voting Group II, one member shall represent Voting Group III, two members shall represent Voting Group IV, and two members shall represent Voting Group V. Two remaining members will be elected by the staff At Large from any Voting Group, but there may be no more than three members from any one Voting Group.


CLAS staff are assigned to one of five electoral groups based upon job function, as shown in the Nomination and Voting List, in which each unit and its staff is listed with the Voting Group in which it belongs:  

Voting Group 1: Academic Support, Libraries, and Information Technology
Voting Group 2: Administration
Voting Group 3: Arts Culture and Entertainment, Marketing Communications and Outreach
Voting Group 4: Business and Finance, Engineering and Architecture, Facilities, Human Resources
Voting Group 5: Research and Health Care

To find out which voting group you belong to please check your My Self-Service > University Information > Staff Council Category.


Timeline for CLAS Staff Council Voting
Date Details
First Week of February Nomination ballots open, 8 a.m.
Mid-February Nomination ballots close, midnight
First Week of March Election ballots and candidate statements published on the website
First Friday of March Election voting opens, 8 a.m.
Second Friday of March Election voting closes, midnight
Middle March Election results posted on the webpage