President: Mark Fullenkamp

Vice-President: Allison Rockwell

Secretary: Shonda Monette

Past President: Emma Kirk

Committees and Chairs

Awards: Sandy Mast and Sylvia Gomez (non-Council members: Co-Chair Melia Pieper, Brittany Ogden, Kristy Clarida, Nicole Villanueva, Vance Morris, and Ali Romano-McClain)

Elections: Allison Rockwell, Sylvia Gomez, Leyre Castro

Communication: Jen Knights, Mark Fullenkamp, Mallory Hellman, Leyre Castro

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Jen Knights, Mark Fullenkamp (Representatives to CLAS DEI – Fullenkamp and Knights)

Education: Sandy Mast, Shonda Monette, Rebekah Podolefsky

Staff Council Groups

To address fairness in representation the Council will consist of 2 at-large members and 9 members grouped by job function categories divided as follows:

Group 1: Academic Support, Libraries, and Information Technology (2 members)
Group 2: Administration (2 members)
Group 3: Arts Culture and Entertainment, Marketing Communications and Outreach (1 member)
Group 4: Business and Finance, Engineering and Architecture, Facilities, Human Resources (2 members)
Group 5: Research and Health Care (2 members)

Current Terms

Term ends 2025: Allison Rockwell (Group 2), Adam Skibbe (Group 1), Mallory Hellman (Group 3), Leyre Castro (Group 5)

Term ends 2024: Rebekah Podolefsky (Group 2), George Crull (Group 5), Sylvia Gomez (At Large)

Term ends 2023:  Jen Knights (At Large), Sandy Mast (Group 4), Mark Fullenkamp (Group 1)


Ex-Officio Liaison Members

HR Liaison: Julie Rothbardt
ASG Liaison: Rosie Santo Domingo
UI Staff Council Liaison: Karen Noggle
Dean's Office Liaison: Rebecca Tritten