Candidate Statement

My name is Jennifer Graham and I am a Senior Application Developer with CLAS. I have been with the University of Iowa for over 14 years. Prior to joining CLAS in 2014, I worked in Finance and Business Information Services (FBIS). I am running because I see a lot of changes happening at the highest levels of the College and University with little input from those of us that deal with these issues on a daily basis. I know and work with a large and diverse number of CLAS staff (across departments, administration, faculty and Dean’s office) and I often hear from them about the challenges that they face. I’ve always been an advocate for doing things that are in the best interest of the people that I support as a developer. I want to take a larger role in being that advocate for our College. I believe that I am well suited to voice our concerns and have an impact by participating in CLAS Staff Council. Thank you for your consideration.